IVS 2024 – Ecometeo Italia will be there again

On 15 and 16 May 2024, Bergamo will host the fifth edition of the IVS Industrial Valve Summit, an international event dedicated to the Oil & Gas sector, industrial valves and flow control solutions.

The event, now in its fifth edition, has become an international reference point for the Oil & Gas sector, a real information hub where you can stay up-to-date on market trends, meet manufacturing excellences and search for the latest technological innovations.

The event involves the entire production chain of industrial valves and components, hosting companies and enterprises engaged in the design, production and mechanical processing, as well as in the supply of materials, surface treatments, maintenance services, packaging, shipping and product marking in compliance with current regulations.

An intensive programme of conferences and workshops will cover technical topics and market scenarios related to valves in various applications from Oil & Gas to Water.

IVS is the showcase in which to share product innovations and discuss strategic relationships with customers and partners.

We are there too!

Once again, we are pleased to confirm our presence and invite everyone to visit our stand where you can experience our products specifically designed and manufactured to operate and withstand harsh environments.

Experience, analysis and training have enabled us to offer our customers both durable products with high construction characteristics and a series of specific services for each of our customers' different needs to facilitate the management of orders, especially in strategic sectors such as oil & gas, chemical, mining, energy, shipbuilding and aerospace.

What do we bring to the fair?


The most important thing that we are going to bring to the fair will be our presence, a handshake and five minutes of technical, confidential or friendly chit-chat, depending on our mutual relations, because we believe that the technical and human relationship that we can put in place is at the basis of all the work done or to be done.


Given the context and the requirements of this market, our exhibition space will consist of all those products with high resistance or traceability specifications.

















Industrial Screen Printing Division

Traffolyte nameplates

Traffolyte is a composite plastic material used for the production of nameplates.

  • Resistant to high acidity and salinity, it is known for its electrically non-conductive characteristics.
  • Traffolyte plates are usually customised with mechanical or laser engraving.
  • Traffolyte plates are widely used in industrial signage, switchboard labelling, and equipment identification.

Laser Emgraving

Laser engraving offers precision and versatility in the creation of signs that can be used in harsh industrial environments and where maximum versatility and product uniqueness is required.

  • It guarantees high precision in details and allows the creation of detailed markings.
  • It applies to various materials such as steel, aluminium and traffolyte.
  • Extensive customisation and production of plates and labels with complex designs, texts, barcodes, QR codes, CE markings, graphic elements.
  • It offers permanent and durable markings.

Chemical etching

This engraving process is based on the selective removal of material through a chemical attack, guaranteeing a permanent and resistant marking.

  • Chemical etching allows very precise and accurate details to be obtained on the surface of the metal material.
  • It guarantees a high quality finish on the engraved material.
  • The marking obtained by chemical etching is permanent and durable.
  • It can be used on a variety of metal materials, such as stainless steel, aluminium, brass.

Screen printing

Screen printing is a widely used printing method for making name plates thanks to the sharpness and quality of the result.

  • Screen printing is optimal for imprinting customised text, images and logos on name plates
  • The result is a durable and long-lasting object, ideal even in harsh environments.
  • This method can be used on a wide range of metal materials.

How do we position ourselves as an industrial screen printer in the industrial valve production chain?

The identification of components, finished products and process dynamics is increasingly an essential feature in all production sectors. Identification and information data play important functions such as:

  • Component identification
  • Customisation and branding
  • Thanks to our technologies, we can guarantee that the marking and identification of our customers' products meet the required safety and identification standards.

For years now, Ecometeo Italia has been a valid partner and reference point in the Oil & Gas and valves sector for the identification and marking of its devices using advanced technologies that guarantee durability, resistance and legibility even in harsh, difficult conditions and where corrosion and wear have always been a serious problem to deal with.

Measuring Instruments Division

We bring to the fair some of our pressure gauges for measuring the pressure of liquids and gases that are particularly suitable for industrial contexts where harsh operating conditions require specific and resistant instrumentation. Among our proposals:

  • Lead-free pressure gauge PEM LF – Device designed for chemical, petroleum and process environments where lead must be avoided to comply with environmental or safety regulations.
  • Stabilizr® PFP-ZR Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge - Device designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. It is an accurate top-of-the-line tool for pressure measurement in industrial, chemical and petroleum environments. Winters' patented Stabilizr® technology reduces the effect of vibration and pulsation on pressure measurement results without the use of dampening fluid.
  • Stabilizr® PFQ-ZR pressure gauge – This is a reliable, vibration-resistant tool ideal for industrial applications, available in both filled and with patented Stabilizr® movement.
  • Professional digital pressure gauges - These are precise and versatile tools suitable for many sectors and applications. Ideal for measuring data in air handling systems and for testing valves and test benches.
  • PPC Phenolic Case Pressure Gauge – Phenolic case pressure gauges are designed to measure values in environments with aggressive, corrosive and toxic fluids typical of the process industry.
  • Bourdon standard spring pressure gauge - Classic and versatile pressure gauge, used in hydraulic, marine and thermo-hydraulic systems.
  • Bourdon stainless steel spring pressure gauge - Has a higher resistance than the previous model. It is chosen for high pressure applications in industrial environments.
  • Pressure gauges with diaphragm seal - These tools provide accurate and reliable measurements in particularly hazardous and corrosive environments, available in many configurations depending on the process connection.
  • Pressure gauges with electrical contacts - Used for compression testing and monitoring in electromechanical systems that require intervention when a certain pressure point is reached.

How do we position ourselves as a supplier of professional measuring devices in the industrial valve production chain?

In the industrial valve manufacturing chain, we provide essential tools for measuring and controlling fluids within various processes. Our offer supports the efficient and safe operation of industrial systems.

We also partner with many companies in the valve industry for the supply and overhaul of test and test bench gauges.

We carry out periodic certification and recertification services for them.

Our devices are essential for:

  • Maintaining strict pressure control within systems in which industrial valves are installed. Functioning and safety of the system are a consequence of the correct detection and subsequent management of pressure values.
  • Calibration of pressure switches. Our pressure gauges are used for setting and adjusting pressure switches, which in turn determine the function of valves.
  • Leak testing: pressure gauges are used to check the tightness of systems and to ensure that valves are leak-free under pressure.

Control, safety and monitoring  are the functions that our pressure measurement and detection devices can guarantee with maximum precision, resistance and efficiency even in processes involving industrial valves in harsh and corrosive environments.

fiera-internazionale-ivs-valvole-sistemi-regolazione-flussoVisit us at the fair

We look forward to seeing you at our stand on May 15/16, where you will have the opportunity to meet with our team who will show you the latest and most interesting solutions for your marking and traceability needs, as well as the entire range of dedicated and specific measurement and control devices for this sector.

You will have the opportunity to bring your specific requirements, discover the latest technologies and get personalised advice.

We look forward to seeing you at the IVS.



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